This page describe the steps to follow when releasing a new version of wro4j.

  • Run mvn release:prepare
  • Run mvn clean deploy -Psonatype-oss-release. The deploy should be signed by pgp in order to be promoted. This one will create a staging release on nexus repository
  • Merge the working branch into the master branch
  • Close & promote the staging. During the next 1 hour, the release will be available on maven central repo.
  • Create a tag for newly released version git tag v1.2.6
  • Push all the changes to remote git repository git push --tags
  • Update the home page news section & update reference to the latest version in all wiki pages
  • Send email on mailing list
  • Synchronize svn with master branch from git.
  • Upload new artifact to Downloads page & make latest version a featured download

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