= Introduction Describes what minimize aware processor means and how to use it.

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A minimize aware processor, is a processor which performs some sort of minimization of resources. For instance: YUIJsCompressorProcessor, YUICssCompressorProcessor, JsMinProcessor, CssMinProcessor fall into this category. The are minimize aware because as a result of processing the content is minimized. This sort minimization is useful for reducing the size of processed resource, but it has a single drawback: it is not anymore readable and debuggable. This why, during development you would like to switch off the minimization.

Starting with version 1.2.1, wro4j allows this by adding a minimize parameter to the resource url, like this:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="wro/all.js?minimize=false"></script>

Note: the minimization works only when configuration mode is DEVELOPMENT

What is the difference between minimize aware processor and others from implementation point of view? To differentiate a minimize aware resource from a default one, you annotate the processor class with @Minimize annotation. For example, you may want to replace the default JsMinProcessor with a better one, let's say GoogleClosureJsProcessor. It would look like this:

public class GoogleClosureJsProcessor implements ResourcePreProcessor,
    ResourcePostProcessor {
  public void process(final Reader reader, final Writer writer)
      throws IOException {
    //... implementation code

The @Minimize annotation marks a processor as minimize aware and as a result, it will not be applied if minimization is turned off.