summary Short description about JsonHPackProcessor and its purpose.


JsonHPackProcessor performs the following: compress/uncompress JSON content using using JsonHPack compression algorithm.


This processor should be applied only on JS resources, and especially on resources which content is a JSON only, otherwise it won't work as expected. When a non JSON content is processed, the processor won't affect the output and will leave it unchanged. This processor was created mostly for experimental usage and was used for a small research about JSON compression algorithms. The algorithm used by this processor is faster and much more efficient than the one used by CJsonProcessor.

JsonHPackProcessor usage

The processor provides a factory method for creating processor. This is how you create an instance responsible for packing JSON:

ResourcePreProcessor packProcessor = JsonHPackProcessor.packProcessor();

This is how you create an instance responsible for unpacking JSON:

ResourcePreProcessor unpackProcessor = JsonHPackProcessor.unpackProcessor();

In order to integrate the processor into wro4j chain of processor, follow these instructions.